Coaching and consulting services to help leaders maximize their full potential.


After 20 years in corporate HR, Heidi Hartman ventured out to pursue her greater purpose —something she now guides leaders, teams and organizations to do. Heidi puts her experience in the trenches and extensive training to work for clients to understand the unique opportunities they face and offer tangible solutions that lead to wild success. Heidi’s expertise covers everything from coaching CEOs and customized team development to leadership development and strategic planning.


Leadership Development

“Leadership is getting the right people to do the right thing for the right reason in the right way at the right time at the right use of resources.” - Clark Crouch

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Heidi is an expert in developing programs designed to empower and train women to maximize their potential in the workplace and in life.

training & development

From the partnership of coaching to a suite of training and development opportunities, Heidi will customize solutions to develop leadership, managers and key employees to help you succeed.

Assessments & tools

Heidi has a robust toolbox of assessments she can utilize. Certification in numerous employee engagement and INSIGHTS assessment tools support efforts to build stronger, better connected teams. After meeting with you and diagnosing what would best work for your opportunity, she will recommend which assessments or tools will best bring about the desired solution.

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executive Coaching

“People & their managers are working so hard to be sure things are done right, that they hardly have time to decide if they are doing the right things” - Steven R. Covey

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training up

Even the most senior in your teams need support. Heidi supports executive and management level employees in developing the necessary skills to create and maintain an engaged and productive workforce.

Heidi engages in a collaborative relationship with her clients, focusing on organizational performance and/or individual development.  The coach is an advisor and sounding board, a strategic thought partner who helps the coaching client meet improvement goals.

Through coaching, Heidi will help individuals and organizations develop more rapidly and produce more satisfying results; improve others’ ability to set goals, take action, make better decisions, and make full use of their natural strengths.

Executive coaching can help you

  • Retain valued employees
  • Develop leaders
  • Promote creativity
  • Deepen employee commitment
  • Gain a competitive edge, and
  • Improve performance and profitability


culture Expertise

 “Leadership is hard to define, and good leadership even harder. But if you can get people to follow you to the ends of the earth, you are a great leader.” - Indra Nooyi

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strategic planning

Heidi brings a unique approach to strategic planning, providing a range of approaches and clear deliverables to set your organization up for success. By defining or refining your Core Values, Mission and Vision and creating a solid plan, Heidi ensures a clear path for you going forward.


Building high performance teams

Every organization is looking to improve employee engagement for maximum performance and Heidi has just the training to help you get there with instruction and facilitation on enhancing communication, managing conflict, and capitalizing on the skills and talents that each employee brings to the table.